Cross Country

Cross Country

We take part in a number of cross-country activities throughout the year.  On a Sunday morning we aim to have a club run on the first Sunday of the month from Hayes Common.   Many of us run the High Elms 10k  and the Harvel 5 in June.  We also participate in the Kent Fitness League during the Winter, although not all races are this muddy!!  Information  and dates for the KFL are  below and dates  of other events will be provided in the following dates section. 

Kent Fitness League Cross Country Races - occasional Sundays during the Winter Season 2017 - 2018

Bromley Veterans has taken part in this league for some years now. The off-road course is always an approximate 5 mile run around beautiful parts of the Kent countryside. All runs start at 11am on a Sunday. It’s a great way to spend Sunday morning, helping to improve your speed over this distance. It costs £2 to enter each race, which is a bargain – and you will be entered into a raffle for small prizes at the end of the race.

The first 8 men (which must include 1 M40+ and 2 M50+) and the first 4 women (to include 1 F35+ and 1 F45+) finishers in each club score points, depending on their position; all finishers contribute to their club’s position by helping to keep down the scores of runners from other clubs. As well as the overall club competition, there are prizes for the first 5 men and the first 3 women as well as individual winners in each age group at the end of the season. Car-sharing for these meetings can be arranged and is encouraged, as parking space is limited. (Please offer the driver a contribution to the petrol cost).

Here are the dates:

·        22nd October 17                Knole Park, Sevenoaks

·        12th November 17            Swanley Park

·        26th November 17            Oxleas Wood

.        07th January 18               Fowlmead, Deal

·        14th January 18                Minnis Bay, Birchington

·        28th January 18                Nursted Court, Meopham

·        04th February 18              Blean Woods, Canterbury


Contact Anne ( or Roger ( for more information or to register your interest. All members are encouraged to take part. There will be hot drinks and cakes afterwards!

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Latest News & Information

KFL-Minnis Bay - 14th January 2018

A record number of 38 BVAC runners  turned out for the 5th event in the 2017/18 season at Minnis Bay on a cold, but sunny January day.

Combined team result: 11/18
Female team result: 8/18
Male team result: 13/18

BVAC remains in 15th place  with two more events to come.

Full results can be found here


Athlete Result Position Bib Category
Gavin Kitchingham 00:38:58 20    
Mike Abousselam 00:42:45 69    
Nigel Bulmer 00:45:13 120    
Matt Bullen 00:46:25 134    
John Diamante 00:47:15 148    
Mike Simms 00:47:35 154    
Sarah Regan 00:47:57 163    
Jevgenij Kazanov 00:49:21 185    
Soheel Bhandari 00:51:28 213    
Jim Peters 00:51:39 217    
Sarah Ratcliffe 00:52:27 228    
Marijana Urbany 00:52:44 232    
Paul Cregg 00:54:04 255    
Roger Harris 00:54:06 256    
Roy Tait 00:54:18 258    
Anne Unseld 00:55:39 270    
Paul Hemsley 00:56:45 280    
Andrew Culver 00:57:06 287    
Simon Powell 00:57:39 291    
Betty Foggitt 00:58:41 301    
Fiona Hemsley 01:00:17 318    
Emma D’Almeida 01:00:40 323    
Joan Allen 01:01:06 325    
Simon Cowie 01:02:09 331    
Barbara Baker 01:03:07 338    
Sue Stevens 01:05:31 345    
Janet Simms 01:06:33 350    
Jackie Ganley 01:06:49 351    
Anne Porritt 01:07:44 353    
Valerie Hassett 01:07:45 354    
Frances Hooper 01:07:55 355    
Gary Blunt 01:09:57 359    
Natalie Price 01:10:15 361    
Emily Toynton 01:10:36 363    
Jonathan Pegg 01:25:06 376    
Caroline Hone 01:26:20 377    
Zoe Moore 01:27:50 379    
Pat Cliff 01:28:16 380    


KFL - Deal - 7th January 2018

Despite the cold, blustery day, 15 runners made the journey to Deal for the 4th match of the 2017/2018 KFL season.

Combined Team result: 16/18

Female team result:12/18

Male team result: 17/18

BVAC are now in 15th place in the series.

Due to problems with the stopwatch, the reported timings for the later BVAC runners were clearly wrong and have been replaced, where available, by personal sport watch times.

Full results can be found here

Athlete Result Position Bib Category
Mike Abousselam 00:34:03 50    
Nigel Bulmer 00:36:26 94    
John Diamante 00:37:13 110    
Sarah Regan 00:39:07 145    
Marijana Urbany 00:41:32 181    
Bridget Macedonski 00:41:34 183    
Geoff Cannell 00:43:46 243    
Simon Powell 00:44:14 254    
Roger Harris   266    
Betty Foggitt   291    
Joan Allen   292    
Barbara Baker 00:49:06 303    
Natalie Price   310    
Les Humphrey 00:57:58 338    
Jonathan Pegg 01:01:42 341    

Latest 3 Cross Country reports, photos and results

KFL - Oxleas Wood - 26 Nov 2017

Another good turnout of 28 runners.

Combined BVAC team result: 11/18

Female team 11/18
Male team 11/18

After 3 matches, BVAC are in 12th Position.

Full results can be found here

    KFL - Swanley - 12 Nov 2017

    A good turnout of 25 runners on a cold November morning. 

    Combined BVAC team result: 17/18.

    Female team 15/18
    Male team 18/18

    After 2 matches,  BVAC are in 15th position.

    Big thanks go to Bernie Fry for taking on the admin duties, and Helen James, Tony Unseld, June and Chris Marshall  for supporting the team.

    Full results can be found here

      KFL - Sevenoaks - 22 Oct 2017

      The first KFL match of the 2017-2018 season took place at Knole Park, Sevenoaks under windy conditions after storm Brian. There were a total of 492 runners from 18 running clubs who tackled the 5.5 mile course.

      The BVAC female (N=11) and male (N= 16) teams each finished in 12th place, with a combined overall 12th position.

      The full results can be found at