Training on Tuesday Evenings

Our Tuesday Runs


We meet every Tuesday at 7:00pm for a 7:15pm run according to the following schedule.  

  1. We typically do a road run with led routes of 50 mins plus a warm up and stretch/cool down, to be back at the club for 8.15pm.  We aim to have groups at paces to run approx  6, 7 , 8, 9 and 10km in the 50mins. These groups are therefore called 650, 750 etc. so for 750, the run leader will aim for the run to be approx 7km in 50 minutes (which is approx 7 min per km pace).  You should join the group you think you can keep pace with - you can always move up or down groups the following week if you find the group too fast or slow! Routes are each led by one of our Run Leaders, who have all taken the English Athletics' Leader in Running Fitness course.  Occasionally, for a few weeks at a time, we will also have a Transition Group, which will typically run 5 to 5.5km in 50 minutes, aimed at recent "graduates" from our 0-5k courses, and also for people returning to running from illness/injury. 
    We meet outside on the pavement near The Parklangley Club (44a Wickham Way, Beckenham, BR3 3AF - see here for map) The various groups meet at slightly different points to avoid blocking the pavements to pedestrians - see the run schedule fo details of where each group meets.  The exceptions to this are... 
  2. On the First Tuesday of every month, in Summer (April-September), we run a handicap starting and finishing in Norman Park . The handicap competition is a Members Only event. 
  3. On the Second Tuesday of the month we have Move Up Tuesday where we aim to increase all the run distances by 0.5k to give members an opportunity to challenge themselves, to see if they can run just that little bit further in the same time (50mins). Run Leaders will support all members in their group and noone will be left behind! This is aimed to give members confidence to move up to a faster group in the following weeks.
  4. During the lighter nights, from end April to mid August, we run a cross country route from various locations, such as the Bromley Veterans bench on Hayes Common (far right-hand corner of the  field in Warren Road, which is at the top of Station Hill, Hayes), Beckenham Place Park, Sparrows Den - check the run schedule for location and paces of the various groups going out and sign up in advance  Cross country in 2022 runs from April 25th 


Hayes Cross-country meeting point: at the top of Station Approach in Hayes, at the roundabout take first left and then first right into Station Hill, then park in Warren Road - the bench is at the far end of the field in front of you.




Information & Reports

Runners Guidance for Group Runs


  • Choose a running group that suits your running ability.
  • ONLY Complete the Google sheet run schedule, once a Leader has added their name and agreed to lead a group.
  • In the event of a Run Leader not being available to lead a group the Club Run is cancelled.  (All Club Runs on the BVAC Run Schedule to be led by a qualified Run Leader only).
  • If for any reason you cannot attend please communicate this to the run leader via BVAC Info WhatsApp and take your name off the schedule.
  • Make sure you arrive in sufficient time for the start of a run. If you know you will be late, please communicate this to the Run Leader via BVAC Info Whats App.
  • Ensure that you are physically fit to run. Don’t run if you feel unwell or have an injury.
  • Wear suitable clothing (fluorescent or reflective/Lights if it’s dark) and the correct footwear for running.
  • Always have a visible ICE Tag or at least carry some form of identification with an emergency contact name and telephone /mobile number.
  • If you have a medical condition please ensure details are on your ICE Tag or carry a note with you in case you need medical attention.
  • Don’t overtake the group leader unless he/she has agreed that you can do so.
  • Maintain visual contact with the runner immediately behind and in front of you. Alert the group leader if any runner appears to be left behind.
  • Immediately report any injury or illness (yourself or that of another runner) to the group leader
  • Always shout out a warning of oncoming obstacles (e.g. tree roots, overhanging branches holes in the ground) or dangerous situations (cars or bicycles approaching) to the other runners.
  •  If you hear a warning, ensure that you repeat it for the benefit of runners behind or in front of you.
  • Respect your surroundings – do not enter private property.
  • Please be aware of our neighbours when we meet for a run at Wickham Way, keep conversations to a considerate volume. please park considerately.
  • Always ensure that you advise your group leader if you intend to leave the group early to run home.
  • At the end of the run, make sure that you stretch to avoid injury to tight muscles.

Reviewed and revised 01.03.22


Latest Handicap results

BVAC Handicap run - 02 Apr 2024

1st BVAC Handicap Run of the year, with a turnout of 28 runners.

BVAC Handicap run - 05 Sep 2023

An excellent turnout of 28 runners for the sixth and final event of the Summer Handicap series at Norman Park on the 5th September 2023. Well done Nigel Bulmer for being in first position, followed by Maura Hubbard (first timer) and Jonathan Wilson.

Leo Mansell held his position at the top of the table to become the clear overall winner for the 2023 Handicap with 180 points, followed by Michele Oliver-Lockwood (150 points) in second place,  closely followed by Nigel Bulmer (147 points) in third place.  See Shircol Table here.

The fastest male and female times of the season were recorded by:
Nicholas Kibblewhite: 00:12:04 (June)
Sally Prince: 14:09 (September)

A big thank you to James Kelly and Chris Jackson for organising and running all the events, and to all the volunteers. This month's helpers were Sue Stevens and Sarah Regan, and Jeanette Elven who led the cool down.

BVAC Handicap run - 01 Aug 2023

A smaller turnout of 19 runners for the fifth event of the Summer Handicap series at Norman Park on 1st August 2023 as the school holidays begin. Well done to new member Edward Harrison for being in first position, followed by Wendy Bryan and Susanna Reich.

After fiveHandicap events, Leo Mansell remains at the top of the table with 150 points, followed by Richard Hall with 132 points, and then Matthew Stevens with 126 points.  See Shircol Table here.

Thanks go to Chris Jackson, who stood in for James Kelly, for organising and running the event, with help from Paul Cregg, Sue Stevens, Natalie Price and Shirley Wheeler.