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Track & Field


Bromley Veterans participate in the Southern Counties Veterans Athletics Club (SCVAC) competitions.   Our team captain is Jason Short. If you are interested  in taking part, please let Jason know (  If  you are 2nd claim to BVAC, you can compete as 1st claim to BVAC provided that your 1st claim club does not take part in SCVAC Track & Field. To be eligible for this, you need to complete a  form (click here for the form) and return it to UK Athletics. If you want to do this, please also let Jason know so that we can include you in the team as a 1st claim member.

Dates for 2024 (6.45pm start):
Friday 17th May - Norman Park, Bromley (Blackheath & Bromley)
Friday 31st May - Tonbridge (TAC)
Friday 14th June - Dartford (DAC)
Friday 28th June - Sutcliffe Park, Eltham (Cambridge Harriers)
Friday 12th July - Tonbridge (TAC)
Friday 19th July - Dartford (Central Park AC)
A schedule of events at each location can be found here.

Taster sessions of track and field disciplines will be organised in March and April 2024, led by coach Mick Jones.

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Latest News & Information

Second T&F meeting Tonbridge 31 May 2024

The men finished 2nd to stay 2nd overall and the ladies 4th to stay 4th overall.   All done with the skipper holidaying in the Alps - thanks Simon P for managing the team on the night.

Some great performances with the women romping home in the 4 x 100m relay - well done Tracey, Delia, Rachel and Sarah! - the men second in the 4 x 100m relay (Andrew, James, Steve and Simon H), with individual performances including 1st for Rachel in the 200m W35B and 2nd places for Andrew (200m M35B), James (1,500m M35B), Steve (200m and High Jump M60) and Ro (1,500m W50).  Plus a few PB's thrown in.

On to Dartford!

First T&F meeting Norman Park 17 May 2024

After three taster sessions it was time to start the SCVAC T&F season at Norman Park on 17 May.  With a brilliant BVAC crowd cheering the team on to some top performances, the men and women both finished second on the night, a great start to the division 2 season for both teams.  

Of the 13 athletes competing, 4 were making their debuts and did not disappoint.  Steve Moss leapt to a very impressive first in the 60+ long jump after earlier destroying the competition in his 400m heat, whilst Andrew Cooper was just pipped for a win on the line in his 400m (he promised to do better next time!).  Not to be outdone, Delia Beddis and marathon queen Ro Kibblewhite then both nailed 2nd place in their age group 3,000m, with Delia taking out the Central Park athlete in the last 20m for a perfectly measured run.  

Some equally impressive performances from the more “seasoned” athletes, with uber athlete Simon Horler winning the pole vault and collecting a 2nd and two 3rd’s in the 400m, 3,000m and discus; James Willingham and Tim Sowter each securing 2nd in the 3,000m and 400m respectively; Jonathan Wilson throwing his way to 2nd in the discus in the late evening gloom; Tracey Simmons taking two 2nd’s in the triple jump and discus; Shirley Wheeler 2nd in the 50+ discus; and Anne Unseld two 3rds in the 60+ 400m and discus (at the age of 75!).  Rachel Perry and Gavin Kitchingham completed the points scoring despite both coming back from illness and injury.  And of course Tony Unseld and Jason Short performed heroics with the rake in the jump pits!

SCVAC League 2023

Congratulations to Joanne Kelly, the 2023 winner of the BVAC Track and Field Cup, collecting the most number of points per league meeting (average 12 points/meeting).
Simon Horler was in second place, and Rachel Perry (new member of the T & F team) in third.

2023 Tonbridge AC Easter Open Meeting

Congratulations to Simon Horler who competed in the 5K event at the Tonbridge AC Easter Open Meeting in a fantastic time of 17:50 mins!

SCVAC League 2022

The  BVAC Track & Field Cup is awarded to the club athlete who scores the most points in the SCVAC in a competitive season. Congratulations to the winner for 2022, Simon Horler, who scored 83 points!

In second place was Tim Sowter with 49 points, and, in third place, Gavin Kitchingham with 31 points.


Tonbridge AC Easter Open Meeting

Congratulations to Simon Horler who came in first at one of the 1500m events at the Tonbridge AC Easter Open Meeting on Bank Holiday Monday (18th April 2022) in a time of 04:45:88 mins.

Latest Track & Field results

SCVAC League - Tonbridge - 31 May 2024

2nd SCVAC T&F meeting Tonbridge 31 May 2024

SCVAC League - Bromley - 17 May 2024

First SCVAC T&F meeting of the season at Norman Park

SCVAC League - Dartford - 28 Jul 2023

The final event of the  2023 SCVAC League season was held at Central Park, Dartford. 

Men's team (1st Division): Simon Horler, Darren Hersey, Jonathan Wilson, Jason Short, Tim Sowter, James Willingham, Gavin Kitchingham, Tony Unseld, Simon Powell and Ray Chapman.
Finished in fifth place with 34 points.

Women's team (2nd Division): Joanne Kelly, Sarah King, Anne Unseld, Tracey Simmons and Shirley Wheeler.
Finished in third place with 36 points.

Men's team: 5th place with 194 points
Women's team: 3rd place with 219 points

The full results can be found here.