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Every year, we select a club charity, and raise money through different activities during the year, which we typically present as a cheque at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The following year's charity is determined by a vote of all attending members.

Our current charity for 2024/25 is Living Well Bromley :

"Living Well Bromley was started a few years ago when someone knocked at the door of Nick Read, who was the vicar at Holy Trinity Church in Lennard Road.
Nick's visitor was hungry and asked if Nick could spare him some food.
Parishioners at Holy Trinity subsequently set up a small Foodbank to provide for needy people in the area.
From that modest beginning has grown a Foodbank, which provides free food bags, 3 days-a-week, and last year served 1098 adults and their 620 dependents.
A home delivery service also operates for the housebound.
As well as the food bags, a free hot meal is prepared and served every Friday by a team of volunteers.
A café serves free hot drinks and snacks at each Foodbank session.
There is a regular clothes bank, a clothes mending service, and a team providing arts and crafts activities.
In addition, another team of volunteers provides an advocacy service to those needing help with benefits, housing, homelessness, debt planning, financial hardship and much more.
A qualified counsellor also provides free sessions.
Funding is largely by donations and grants, sourced by a paid fundraising staff member, and by the trustees.
Last year £61,015 was spent on food for the Foodbank, an increase of 190% from 2022.
Living Well Bromley is delighted to have been chosen as BVAC's charity for the year.
The Club's fundraising will help us to sustain this vital service."

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Previous charities that we have supported:

2023/24:   Bromley Meals
"To be hungry as a child means your tummy hurts, which means you can’t focus on your lessons at school, or your body isn’t healthy enough to fight off illness, or you shiver a lot because you are cold, or you feel embarrassed when your friends snack or talk about dinner.
And whatever the reason your family is struggling, when you are 6, there is not much you can do about it.
That’s why the help has to be ready, and in place for the precise moment that someone finds out that you need help.
Bromley Meals Boxes are stored in local schools.
As soon as a teacher or other professional realises that a child will not eat dinner that night, they can invite a family to choose from a selection of delicious dinner options.
And if they need dinner again tomorrow night, they can… because no child should have to go to bed hungry.
Join the team! Follow us on the social media, raise some money, donate if you can… and together we could end child hunger for our neighbours."

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2022/23:   Bromley Y - Our vision is one in which children can enjoy life growing up in their community.
Bromley Y promotes the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and families by enabling change, fostering resilience and helping them build healthy relationships. Our service aims to listen, respect, support and offer effective interventions to those in need, at the right time and in the right place.
We commit to working together with schools and other key providers to keep children and their family's needs at the heart of what we do.

2020/21/22:   The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust   - Checkout their 'THANKYOU BVAC' video below...

2019/20:   Deaf Plus and The Running Charity.

2018/19:   Bromley Brighter Beginnings

2017/18:   Alzheimers Society


Supporting our community:

You may find some of the community links below helpful.  Also we are often asked for recommendations on where to buy running kit or for someone to help with a niggle/injury.   While the club does not endorse any single company or individual, some of our club members have used the people below.  

Running Shoes

Treatment Rooms 


parkrun is such a simple concept: turn up every Saturday for a 09:00 5km run, or if you’re a junior, then 2km every Sunday. It doesn’t matter how fast you go. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. What matters is taking part.