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We are fortunate to have a number of qualified coaches and run leaders in the club.  We aim to have a structured coaching session of around one hour each Thursday.  ALL ABILITIES WELCOME. Meet at the Parklangley Club (44A Wickham Way, Beckenham, BR3 3AF)  at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start.   During the summer, we run the coaching sessions from Sparrows Den.  More information will appear below as these are scheduled. 

On the Last Thursday of each month  throughout the year – Naked Run from the Parklangley Club. You are asked to estimate your time for a run of approximately 5 miles; the runner finishing closest to their estimated time wins the prize kitty. All good fun for a £2 contribution: £1 goes to the prize kitty and £1 to the collection for the charity chosen by BVAC members for the year. Please come clothed, but without your watch!! Be there by 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start  to register and check the route map. 

For information on this week's run please see the calendar or our facebook page where the routes are often posted.  

The rota for 2017 can be downloaded here. A word document for capturing the results can be downloaded thorough this link or an excel version that automatically calculates the time difference through this link. 


Information & Reports

BVAC Naked Run - 26th October 2017

On an unseasonably warm October evening, 24 runners  took part over a course of 4.3 miles.
Simon Powell was a clear winner with a 22 second difference between his predicted and actual times.
Thanks go to Anne Porritt, Veronica Marnell and Jackie Ganley for recording the times.

N.B. We need more volunteers for the 2018 rota. Please contact Anne Porritt if you can help.

Athlete Estimated Time Actual Time Difference
Peter Howe 00:35:40 00:33:14 00:02:26
Gareth Dowling 00:36:00 00:36:45 00:00:45
Han Sun 00:36:00 00:33:26 00:02:34
Mike Simms 00:36:10 00:32:59 00:03:11
Simon Powell 00:38:15 00:38:37 00:00:22
Roger Harris 00:38:20 00:36:51 00:01:29
Geoff Cannell 00:39:30 00:35:19 00:04:11
Sarah Regan 00:40:36 00:37:49 00:02:47
Paul Hemsley 00:41:22 00:39:42 00:01:40
Wellington Chingwaro 00:43:00 00:41:32 00:01:28
Fiona Hemsley 00:43:10 00:41:51 00:01:19
Sarah Dowling 00:43:29 00:41:47 00:01:42
Barbara Baker 00:44:00 00:43:07 00:00:53
Jeanette Elvin 00:44:10 00:43:39 00:00:31
Janette Burnard 00:45:00 00:42:15 00:02:45
Francis Hooper 00:45:00 00:43:42 00:01:18
Jan Simms 00:45:50 00:43:08 00:02:42
Jill Cozens 00:46:00 00:42:42 00:03:18
Alison John 00:46:17 00:43:57 00:02:20
Simon Cowie 00:48:00 00:41:25 00:06:35
Emily Toynton 00:48:03 00:44:03 00:04:00
John Soper 00:49:25 00:55:13 00:05:48
Pat Cliff 00:50:00 00:55:08 00:05:08
Jonathan Pegg 01:00:00 00:47:30 00:12:30

Latest 3 Naked run reports, photos and results

BVAC Naked run - 29 Jun 2017

    BVAC Naked run - 26 May 2017


    On a very warm evening, 19 runners took part over a course of 4.3 miles.
    Peter Howe not only pipped Steve Smith at the finish, but won with a difference of 9 seconds to Steve's 18 seconds.  Many thanks to  Anne Unseld for the route and for acting as a marshall to ensure people didn't get lost, and to Fiona and Simon for recording the times. £38 was raised for our charity, Alzheimer's Society.

    N.B. We need volunteers for time-keeping on June 29th and July 27th.  Please get in touch if you can help.


      BVAC Naked run - 27 Apr 2017

      On an unseasonably  cold damp evening,12 runners took part over a hilly course of 5.32 miles. After about 6 weeks of dry weather, the wet pavement along Wickham Way made for a slightly challenging start, but fortunately there were no tumbles.  Roger was the first home, with Anne not far behind.  Simon's time was impressive, considering that it was only 4 days after he'd completed the London Marathon.  It was good to have Karen running with us, possibly for her first Naked Run?   Anne's winning prediction was 23s out from her estimate, with Fiona a close 2nd at 27s difference.  Many thanks to Bernie Fry, Joan Allen and Alison John for recording our times.£24 was raised for our charity, Alzheimer's Society.