Track & Field

Track & Field

Bromley Veterans particpate in the Southern Counties Veterans Athletics Club (SCVAC) competitions.   The first 2018 meeting is in April. If you are interested please let Anne Unseld ( or  Mike Papworth know (   If  you are 2nd claim to BVAC, you can compete as 1st claim to BVAC provided that your 1st claim club does not take part in SCVAC track & field. To be eligible for this, you need to complete a  form (click here for the form) and return it to UK Athletics. If you want to do this, please also let Anne  or Mike Papworth know so that we can include you in the team as a 1st claim member.

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Latest 3 Track & Field reports, photos and results

SCVAC League - Gillingham - 17 Jul 2017

On the last event of the 2017 season, we had only three women to make up the team (Anne Unseld, Bridget Macedonski and Barbara Baker), but still managed to come top  with 49 points, and first overall in the second division with a score of 380 points . The women's team will therefore be competing in the first division in 2018.

The men's team (Simon Horler, Gavin Kitchingham, Philip Greenfield, Tony Unseld and Mike Martineau) came third with 46 points and finished the year in third place overall with a score of 328 points. The men's team will remain in the second division in 2018.

The full results can be found here

SCVAC League - Erith - 07 Jul 2017

Another hot summer's evening.

Men's team - Simon Horler, Gavin Kitchingham, Danny Easton, Phil Greenfield, Ray Chapman and Tony Unseld.

Women's team - Bridget Macedonski, Marijana Urbany, Anne Unseld, Janette Burnard and Barbara Baker.

The men's team finished in 3rd place with 58 points; the women's team in 1st place with 68 points.

Full results can be found here

SCVAC League - Dartford - 19 Jun 2017

Well done to everyone at the end of a very hot summer's day, particularly to Simon Horler and Janette Burnard who each completed five events. 

The men's team (Division 2) consisting of Simon Horler, Gavin Kitchingham, Danny Easton, Phil Greenfield, Ray Chapman and Tony Unseld finished in third place with 64 points.

The women's team (Division 2) consisting of Bridget Macedonski, Janette Burnard, Marijana Urbany, Jude Grahame and Barbara Baker finished in first place with 72 points.

The full results can be found here