Grand Prix

BVAC Grand Prix

Bromley Veterans AC Grand Prix Rules 2017/2018

The Grand Prix is a selection of 10 popular local events over a period of 12 months starting in February 2016.  The series includes a range of distances between 5 miles and half marathon with a variety of road, multi-terrain and cross-country. Some courses are flat and some are more undulating but are always suitable for all members.

  • Sunday 19th February - Tunbridge Wells half marathon 
  • Sunday 19th March – Hastings half marathon 
  • Sunday 2nd April  - Paddock Wood half-marathon 
  • Monday 1st May - Ted Pepper 10K 
  • Sunday 7th May – Darent Valley 10K 
  • Saturday 3rd June – Harvel 5 
  • Sunday 11th June - High Elms 10K 
  • Sunday 1st October  – Tonbridge half marathon 
  • Sunday 8th October - Petts Wood 10K 
  • January 2018  - Canterbury 10 
  • Any 2 of the KFL meetings (best 2 to count) 

The final table will be taken from ‘best 8 scores’ in those 12 events so Bromley Vets are able to miss up to 4 events but still have the opportunity to gain maximum points.

Points will be allocated to each finisher in each series event according to their WAVA rating for that event.  Therefore if 9 people complete a race the person with the highest WAVA score will get 9 points, the second person 8 etc:

Essential points:

  • Club members will be automatically included in the GP but may opt-out;
  • Participants must be a first claim member for the main club prize but there is also a prize for the best second claim;
  • Participants’ WAVA rating for the event, based on their chip time will be the basis on which points are awarded;
  • Participants must run in club colours;
  • Organisers’ published results must show your affiliated club as Bromley Veterans AC;
  • Final award winner must have completed at least 6 events.

The highest cumulative total at the end of 12 events from each participant's best scoring 8 events will count towards the finishing places, taken from the official published results and trophy awarded on that basis.

If any Bromley Vet participates in a nominated GP event they will automatically be entered into the competition unless they ask to opt out.

Participation by BVAC members in the Grand Prix is voluntary, and points will be allocated according to the official results list issued by the specific race director or chip timing company.

At the conclusion of the series in January 2018 the trophy will be awarded at the AGM to the person in 1st place providing they have run in a minimum of 6 events.

Good luck to all those taking part.

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