Who Does What?

Committee Members and Key Contacts for 2016/2017

Below are some of the people who make the club work.  Please feel free to contact them if you have an enquiry.  

General Committee contact details admin@bromleyvetsac.org.uk


Fiona Hemsley - Chairperson

I joined Bromley Vets in January 2013 to help me get enough miles run in training for my first half marathon in Bath in March. I found a wonderful group of friends and 3 years on BVAC is a big part of my life. With all their support I have gone on to run more half marathons, ran as part of a BVAC team to support the Institute of Cancer Research in the London Marathon and gone on club running adventures to places like Tromso!   chair@bromleyvetsac.org.uk 

Kish Hyde – General Secretary

Looking back I can no longer remember the reasons why I joined Bromley Vets, but I don’t have to stretch very far to know why I renew my subs every year; it is the sheer friendliness of the other members. There is something for everyone here, whether you want to run fast or slow, take part in competitions or run for the fun of it, be tested by training runs or have a slow meander through the Woods. I enjoy turning up to support fellow members at the KFL cross-country runs in the winter and the Track and Field Athletic events in the summer, and the tea and cakes that usually accompany these! admin@bromleyvetsac.org.uk 

Sarah Regan – Deputy Chairperson

I joined BVAC because it is a club with like-minded people who wanted to improve their running in a very supportive environment, and I've made some lovely friends in the process. I love cross country because no race or run is the same and the terrain is varied and the scenary can be stunning and not just a concrete backdrop.It's been great to see BVAC evolve and grow.  I also organise the clubs 5 mile open event in April for more inforation see the What we do pages) openevent@bromleyvetsac.org.uk

Peter Howe - Membership Secretary

Having run on my own for a number of years I was encouraged to join by another club member. I was made very welcome by this very friendly group of people. It has been a great experience with the social contact, participation in various events and it has encouraged me to attempt to improve my speed and style! membership@bromleyvetsac.org.uk

Pat Cliff – Social Secretary

Helen James and Geraldine Turner introduced me to Bromley Veterans at parkrun in 2010 when I could just about run 5k.  I now wouldn't/couldn't run the distances without others to run with. I enjoy the training, particualrly those we run on a Thursday night, the varous challenges, the company and the social side of the club. peter_cliff59@hotmail.com

Simon Cowie – Treasurer

After becoming a regular at Norman Park every Saturday morning and having done a few 5k fun runs, I was looking for something to help me improve.  I became aware of Bromley Veterans directly as a result of parkrun. They seemed to be a friendly club of mixed abilities and I thought I would not be to out of place. I decided to give it a try as a guest at one of the summer handicap races which was great fun.

I soon became a member and later the treasurer. Since then I have never looked back. Well only to make sure there was still someone behind me.

Roger Harris - Committee Member

I have been a member of Bromley Veterans for about 5 years. I am a SE London Ambassador for parkrun and one of the run directors for Bromley parkrun. Since joining the club I have run two marathons and taken up triathlons. I took up running around fifteen years ago when I was 46. Bromley Veterans AC is a great club and is going from strength to strength! 

Barbara Baker – Commitee Member

I decided to join Bromley Vets AC because older runners were welcomed (I was a very late starter at 59 years old!) and because, unlike some other running clubs, all abilities were encouraged to apply. It is a small, friendly club with a strong social element which allowed me to, not only improve my running, but also to meet new people and make new friends.

In the summer I really enjoy taking part in the Tuesday evening cross-country runs, swapping roads for the woods and fields of the local countryside. Also the Thursday run training sessions are both hugely enjoyable and beneficial, helping me to improve my running technique and performance.  

Anne Porritt - Committee Member

After I ran the great south run about twelve years ago, I decided to joinBVAC. Despite the 10 mile run, I was still a novice and the club enabled  me to keep running. Since then I have enjoyed many events, including a trip to Dublin, with a number of club members to run my first marathon. I now love the training nights which are structured, hard and very funny.  However, the friends I have now made within the club have made BVAC very special.

John Soper - Committee Member

 I joined the club after my 1st London Marathon in 1999 as I wanted to improve my running. I was  welcomed in with plenty of help, guidance and friendship, which I am  still getting to this day. BVAC is a very important part of my life and I value the friends and the comaradarie both running and socially.

Mike Papworth - Committee Member

I took up running in 2013 to lose weight and get fit. To help motivate me I signed up to a half marathon for charity. I was hooked and ran three or four more before deciding to attempt a marathon. That's when I realised I needed support. Having met some Bromley Vets at the Bromley Parkrun it wasn't difficult to decide which club to join.  I'm not looking to win races - just to do my best. And that's what the club - including me now - encourage. So much so that two of us got each other round the Chester Marathon in 2015 and I then ran London in 2016. It's a family. One I'd choose to be a part of.