How Do I Join?

So you want to join? Let us help you

We love to welcome new members.  So whether you want to get fit or fitter, try something different (a mud bath at Minnis Bay XC or throwing a javelin in Norman Park?) or if you just simply want a social, friendly run with supportive people, why not come and try Bromley Vets. There is no obligation to join our club at first. Come along and run with us for up to three occasions and then if you like what you see and wish to join, we'd be pleased to welcome you as a member.

Membership information for 2017  

Membership of BVAC is annual, with subscriptions due on 1st January each year. For new members joining between 1st July and 31st October, the annual subscription is reduced. 
Active members are expected to be registered for a competition licence with England Athletics; administration for members who are first claim to BVAC is handled by the club, and you will be required to pay the additional EA registration fee each year (£14 for 2017 – 2018) to BVAC along with your subscription.
Benefits of joining BVAC include:

  • reduced cost of entry to various runs/ races (as long as England Athletics licence number or URN is held)
  • 10% discount at certain running/sports shops (e.g. A Sporting Life, West Wickham; Run and Become, London)
  • regular training runs at no extra cost
  • chance to take part in Southern Counties Veterans track & field league
  • chance to take part in Kent Fitness cross country league
  • opportunity to join other members in social membership of Parklangley Club
  • entry to club ballot for guaranteed London Marathon places
  • annual dinner  



  • £37.00 for year (includes EA licence) 
  •  £10.00 for 2nd claim members who already hold EA licence

Subscription  £25 for joining from 1 July - 31st October (£10 for 2nd claim members)

The England Athletics licence is £14.00
Complete an application or renewal form  

Peter Howe (Membership Secretary) 45 Kingswood Avenue, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0NT
Tel: 07484 333 145.


*Early bird discount – those renewing their membership by 31st December 2016 pay £34 (1st claim) or £20 (2nd claim) – i.e. the price is held at 2014 level (apart from the EA affiliation) for early birds!  Your subscription must be with the membership secretary by 31st December 2016 for the discount to apply.   


Terms of Social membership of The Park Langley Club, as applied to members of BVAC 

In January 2015, BVAC paid an annual fee of £420 (which may increase by a very small percentage in subsequent years)* which permits all BVAC members to be social members of the Parklangley Club.  


As a social member you may: 

  •  use the club bar and catering facilities, i.e. have a drink and/or meal there and be accompanied by non-members if you wish 
  • use the showers, sauna and steam room 
  •  use the meeting rooms (these have to be booked in advance) 
  •  use the notice boards (BVAC has a notice board at the Parklangley Club) 
  •  book meals, e.g. for a group or party 


In addition, you may use the Sports Injury Clinic, the Club Shop and attend any of the aerobics, yoga, Ceroc and pilates activities in the studio which will require payment of session fees.  

All social members receive regular newsletters and details of all activities at the Parklangley Club and are invited to attend and vote at the Parklangley Club AGM.#


*The fee increases in line with the % increase of membership fees for The Park Langley Club. 

# emails from The Parklangley Club are sent to BVAC members via the club email address and are then forwarded to members.